I haven’t been keeping things updated like I should …

The amp got back ‘home’ at the end of May and it was pretty much neglected until last week.  I knew I needed to do a thorough check over after being shipped  seven times in the nine months on tour.  In Bellingham Aaron repaired the cracked faceplate and I knew it would need a more in depth inspection.

Last week I tore into the Thrifty Wreck to upgrade the output transformer from the low budget Hammond 125E to a Hammond 1609 10 watt hifi output transformer (which is now priced at about $80, I got it for less than $50).  I got that done and had some stability issues from wiring in the new output transformer but got them and a stability issue with the presence control fixed.

Then while checking things out I noticed the toroidal power transformer was loose, the bolt was holding the transformer to the mounting bracket but the transformer was free to move around … no good!  Then I noticed that the chassis was bent down about 1/4″ under the PT mounting bracket.  I made a 1/2″ baltic birch plywood end cap for the chassis (the chassis is a simple “C” section chassis).