Well it’s been ages since I’ve been in Seattle but the amp has been there for almost a month now … getting ready to leave Seattle for its next stop in Bellingham …

This is the critique from LeftyStrat in Seattle:

Got to really crank it and run it though it’s paces today. Very nice to get the Wreck vibe without making your ears bleed. I have only built one Trainwreck, an Express, so that is all I have to compare it to.

It seems to have a much more usable range on the Gain pot. My Express is pretty touchy and almost full on around 4 to 5. Tone controls are responsive and similar to my Express.

Despite the low power, I could still get it to bloom into feedback with the gain up, and still roll back on the guitar for clean tones.

I tried several speaker cabs, and it seems to like (and hate) the same ones as my Express. I have this bizarro and huge Acoustic Control Corp 2×12 that I typically use with lower wattage amps to make them sound big, but with both my Express and the Thrifty, it just doesn’t sound that great. More a cab for clean tones.

I have a 1×12 TRM cab with an Eminence Tonkerlite that sounds great with the Thrifty (my Express sounds great with this too).

Tried it out with both a Strat and a Tele. The Tele sounded fantastic in all pickup positions. Unfortunately, my Strat has some recently installed noiseless pickups that I am not that fond of, and while it sounded good, I think those pickups are just not my bag of tea.

It doesn’t sound overly bright or buzzy to me, very good “throaty” tones, I even bumped up the presence a bit and it still wasn’t harsh.

I’m going to try to get together with Brian in the next couple of days and let him try it out.

Let me know when I need to have it out to it’s next destination. And thanks for letting me try it out. I would say it’s probably more versatile than my Express, given that I can crank it up without the cops coming.