In Portland, OR!

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So there hasn’t been a lot of activity for a couple of weeks, midweek the Thrifty Wreck amp made its way to its next tour stop, Portland, Oregon. Portland is the new home of most of the LC Valley musicians so I know a few guitar players living there.

The amp is visiting my friend Greg and will probably get passed around a bit in the Portland area … I’m looking forward to some clips, pictures and feedback …



Hanging out with good company …

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Here’s a picture of a real Trainwreck Express and the Thrifty Wreck sitting side by side … WOW!

Here’s particles comment:
“Personally, I’d be very happy to be playing Rock’s amp as it stands today. I’m definitely going to build one.”

BTW – the Thrifty Wreck is NOT going to threaten the value of the Trainwreck …

Trainwreck Express and the Thrifty Wreck

Amp Test Clips by particle in LA

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This is the first time checking out the amp.

The first test was to see the amp’s sensitivity and how well it responded to the guitar’s volume control. All gain changes were made from the guitar’s volume control.


The second test was to check out the amp’s sensitivity and how well it responded to various degrees of pick attack. The only gain change was at the very end putting the guitar’s volume control up full.


Amp settings for both tests were:
EQ was set flat (12 o’clock), Volume and Presence were dimed (all the way up).
Speaker: Vintage 30 in a single 12″ Mesa Boogie cabinet.Mic: MXL R-40 Ribbon
Guitar: Strat with EMG’s.